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David Kirk PhD
David Kirk PhD

I’m David Kirk, a research scientist turned life science communications consultant, writer, and podcast host.

I help bridge the gap between science and people – working towards those ‘Aha!’ moments when mutual understanding is achieved.

That’s when the hard work – the business of developing and advancing life science – can truly begin!

I have a solid background in biological science, specializing in molecular microbiology, synthetic (or engineering) biology, and fermentation.

Communicating science always appealed to me. I studied Journalism and Media to better understand the mainstream landscape and develop effective communication skills to reach broader audiences.

I discovered a great sense of purpose in building relationships, using my skills to translate complex science into something the listener – scientist or not – could both understand and appreciate.

Today, I bring scientific knowledge and communications expertise together to help life science organizations build credibility, promote mutual understanding, and establish trust in all their relationships – within teams, between companies, and with all stakeholders.

I’m always happy to make new connections, share insights, and have a chat. Contact me here or find me on LinkedIn.

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