David Kirk PhD
It me!

Hi there, I’m David Kirk PhD.

I help life science companies solve problems and achieve goals by translating research into accessible, meaningful, and impactful content.

How? Well, I’m a science writer with a difference:
I was a research scientist first and a communicator second.

Early in my career, I noticed how science was misunderstood in the media and the effect this had on public perceptions of new, potentially lifesaving, technologies.

But there’s a lot that can go wrong in science communication:

  • The language is technical
  • The information is complex
  • The audience is not an expert

And so, the message gets lost quite easily.

To combat this, I threw myself into becoming a better communicator, studying journalism and media after my PhD. I soon applied these learnings as a researcher at a startup, and then as a freelancer writing about the synthetic/engineering biology space.

Now, I’m a communications consultant working with communities and life science companies, helping CEOs and executives share their amazing scientific stories and visions of a better tomorrow.


At the time of writing, I’m fully booked up, but I am happy to share my insights on Communication for Early Stage Startups for tips on raising your profile, demonstrating thought leadership, and planning a communication strategy on nearly no budget.

Use the Contact page to reach out, or find me on LinkedIn, and we can schedule a call!

Best wishes,

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Qualifications (the important ones, at least)

  • PhD in Veterinary Medicine (molecular microbiology) – University of Helsinki
  • Journalism and Media Studies Diploma – Dublin Business School
  • BSc Hons Biological Sciences – Maynooth University