Manual for Success: The Communication Strategy

Your Communications Strategy is an indespensible tool: with it, you can’t go too wrong; without it, you’ll be going in circles. Far from being written in stone, this is a living and adaptable document detailing the tools at your disposal and how to wield them to achieve your goals effectively. As your goals, tools and external factors change, so too must your strategy.

Briefly, your strategy must outline the following:

  • Who your audience/s is/are
    (e.g.: customers, potential collaborators, scale-up partners, investors)
  • What your goals are
    (e.g.: expand your network, explain your science)
  • What tools you have/need
    (e.g.: message, presentation, infographics)
  • Where and how to deploy them
    (e.g.: website, social media, trade publication, internal newsletters)
  • When to deploy them
    (e.g.: time with news/events in field)
  • Defined milestones and deliverables to work towards

Communication for biotech SMEs is like good housekeeping. Consistent and broad effort has the most impact. A robust strategy integrating management and marketing goals can help streamline and fulfil these goals across the board. This is where I fit in, working with your management, research and business development teams to shepherd your message to its intended audience.

Featured image originally by Antti T. Nissinen shared under CC by 2.0.

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