Science communication is in my DNA

Hi! If you’ve stumbled across this, then you’ve caught me setting up my website. But if you’ve a few seconds to kill, please by all means read on to learn why I gave up a pretty good career as a researcher to help become a science communication shepherd for biotechs.

During my PhD I learned how to research facts, form hypotheses and test them, and present my findings to my peers. While writing up my thesis, I did a journalism course and learned a whole new approach to fact-finding and communicating ideas – only this time for a broader audience. The differences are stark.

I took these skills to a biotech start-up and managed their communications, learning even more about how companies interact with the world around them. The diverse array of stakeholders proved the communication skills I learned during my PhD were obsolete, but my storytelling and framing skills were exercised on a weekly basis.

Engaging important stakeholders like investors, collaborators, policy makers and the general public can’t be done in the same way – the audiences are too broad and varied. You need to be bespoke – you’re never talking to a group, you’re always talking to the individual. Fortunately, everybody loves a story. Let me help share yours.

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